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  Greg's Travels 

Over the last decade I have been semi-retired and travelling extensively in the USA and have been based in Vail, Colorado and Mt Buller Victoria Australia. Being winter based in both areas I have a large collection of snow scene activities in these areas and plan to market these eventually through this site.

Being able to stay and work in America for any length of time, after the 2013 ski season I travelled in my Silverado and Thor Signature RL 34 fifth wheeler across to the east coast. I had traded the Silverado in the picture on the left for a 2012 model picture on the right. At the end of the 2014 travels the Thor Signature was feeling effects of 3 trips I did east and the previous owners trips unknown, it was starting to fall apart so decided to trade it for a slightly shorter and lighter 2015 Grand Design Reflection 27 RL. Bottom two pictures.

  Greg's Current Situation 

Check out the Route 66 page and the Camping Resorts 2014 for last years travels. I worked Vail again in 2015 but then had to travel back to Australia for a court case.  I returned to America for the short time between the court cases and did a quick trip up to Alaska and back to Phoenix. Unfortunately this was very quick and I have not had time to document fully this trip.

I am back in America and have traveled east again calling into the Grand Design factory in Indiana to see manufacture of the Reflection range and to see if I could get the warranty problems fixed that Lazydays Tuscon didn't fix. I achieved this with great help from Grand Design and then headed south east to Myrtle Beach again. Spent nearly 10 days there and are now heading back to Colorado for the winter season trying to dodge the storms and flooding along the way.

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Thor Signature RL 34. 5th Wheeler now Traded on a

Grand Design Resolution 27RL

5th Wheeler

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